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SWEAGA is an acronym. It stands for Signs & Wonders, Environmental Art & Graphics Agency. We were founded in 2015 by Joe Fenton. Joe imagined the concept for the studio while he was working full-time at LinkedIn as their Environment Graphics Program Manager. The appeal of working independently and being hands-on in the creative process outweighed to benefits and security of a full-time corporate roll. So Joe rolled the dice and in early 2016, SWEAGA LLC was borne.


Joe used his own unique art and design skills, along with the skills, business acumen and relationships he had established at LinkedIn to launch this prolific and professional graphic arts studio. As projects scaled up he brought in other artists, craftspeople, and creatives who were ready and willing to jump in and get creative, decorating offices. Scott Greathouse became a major contributor to the work we've done, assisting in countless artworks and installations. The Idea Fab Lab in Santa Cruz also became an instrumental resource, allowing us to be hands-on in the fabrication process, explore new tools and design possibilities while networking with other crafts-people who were willing and able to collaborate on these unique projects.

We've done work for a16z, Amazon, Okta, Uber, LinkedIn, Ace Hardware, Denali Therapeutics, Kyverna, and others. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner, but we do also have a lot of fun with our work. We like to communicate joy and enthusiasm, both through our work and our personalities. Artwork carries and communicates the energy of it's creators and we strive to keep good energy flowing.

To Discuss a project and request a quote please contact us...
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