Aura Lounge

This lounge space is thoughtfully named after Okta's brand mark, the Aura. The goal was to create a collaborative lounge space for employees to feel inspired, rest, reconnect, and gather for casual celebration. The branding and graphics needed to reinforce the company's values and culture, but also have a twist to make the space feel unique and off the beaten path.

The neon logo, created by Peterson Neon, highlights the mini-bar motif. The owl illustration, by Joe Fenton, with it's wing spread over the city skyline hint to a night-owl mentality and the Okta brand statement of being "Always On" while connecting to the quietness of the fog that encircles San Francisco. At Okta they are Builders & Owners. This all ties together with the framed, blueprint patent drawings, to reinforce the Builder & Owner theme and subtly depicts the Aura in circular forms found in each ground-breaking patent design.