We love Mission Statements, Values, Cultural Philosophies, anything that celebrates you being you as a company, organization, or individual. We love satire, plays-on-words, double-meanings and things that make you stop and think and give you some delight and inspiration as you walk through your day.

That's why we're not really writing a mission statement of our own. We're just going to make statements about how important it is to bring our customer's Mission to life. Just like these tortillas here. They're kinda yummy by themselves, but once they do their job of rolling up a bunch of other yummy goodness, that's when the real magic happens. That's how we think about you. We take all the yummy goodness of your brand, your goals, dreams, culture, values, and things you think are cool and we cook 'em up (with some of our own secret ingredients) and roll out delicious displays on your walls.

Here at SWEAGA our Mission is simple... we're on one.