When I started working for LinkedIn in 2010 they made a promise that my role there would allow me to transform my career, the company, and ultimately the world. Five years later it looks like I'm on track with that plan.

While with the company I grew from designing office maps, signs for teams, t-shirts for events and initiatives, to developing a global program for the way branding, art, graphics and signage is incorporated into our offices. My career and the company transformed together.

I decided to pack up what I learned at LinkedIn last Fall and start my own environmental graphics company to see if I can make good on LinkedIn's third offer of changing the world.

While working at LinkedIn we were focused on the organization's mission, vision and values and how to display that information in creative ways to our visitors and employees.

Sharing the details of LinkedIn's vision to create The Economic Graph was no easy task. Working closely with the internal brand & marketing teams to display that vision in an immersive and easy-to-understand way was the goal. We gathered various icons, photos, symbols and copy from various campaigns around the graph and married them together to create one cohesive display with several layers of content and information. The end result was extremely well received.